My first and last choice EICO

I am definitely one of those people who like to seek opportunities to better myself in a fun and exciting way. I made the decision to seek an adventurous opportunity to fulfill my passion to teach young people. I thought to myself this will be impossible and I am dreaming beyond what I can accomplish. I stumbled across EICO which is a recruiting service is offered to recruit people to teach in Korea. EICO made the impossible possible; they made my dream a reality and I will be ever grateful for their services and help. The service of EICO has been reliable, professional, and available. They were able to address my questions and concerns at a quick pace during my transition to South Korea, to teach abroad. Having the opportunity to teach abroad allows me the experiences of being a teacher, learning new culture and language. This is my first experience traveling outside of the United States. I am currently employed under EPIK (English Program In Korea) and have met some amazing native English Speaking teachers from around the world. I have become friends with these teachers and have made some very fond memories. I thought after a few months into the program of teaching abroad, EICO would just move on to helping the next person seeking an opportunity to teach abroad and not look back at me. Thankfully, this was not the case and the recruiters continue to check and make sure that all is going well with me in Korea. I greatly appreciate their concern and having been with me every step of the way and I know that they will continue the journey with me. It’s so reassuring and I thank them 100x and more.

Veronica King