ASt- Association of School Teachers  

The Association of School Teachers is on a mission to bring top quality English education to Korea while providing American teachers with a memorable and educational experience to remember forever. Our goal is to provide qualified American teachers with a unique teaching experience in South Korea. We will provide you with multiple opportunities to choose from depending on your experience and desire. We will be available at all times to answer any questions you should have while living in South Korea. 
Teachers will be covered by the labor laws of Korea while under contract with Korean schools. Our association ensures you will know your rights and we will be there to protect them. 


Ministry of Education, Science And Technology   교육과학기술부

Build a first class advanced county.
The fields of education, science and technology are the key to the future of our nation. Not only that, the success of our future generation hinges upon these three critical fields.
In recognition of this, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MEST) will do its best to ensure that all of our children are not left behind and have an opportunity to nurture their dream and hope through education, science and technology


Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Educatioin    

Our Gyeonggi Provice has wise teachers, passionate parents and experienced public servants. In order to resolve the education problems that we face, we must gather the wisdom of all Gyeonggi residents. Through such, it is our sim to create a new education systeom filled with hope.


Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education Busan metropolitan city office of education

Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education(BOE) is reaffirming our commitment to ensure that BOE produces creative decison makers in the years to come by ahering to the Three Slogans: Fruitful, and Warm-hearted education.


Korean Institute of Educational Environment 

Korean Institute of Educational Environment was founded in Oct. 1998 by the article 32, the civil law, and the article 4, the regulations on establishment and supervision of a non-profit corporation under ministry of education and guman resources.


SDA Language Institute.