Hiring Process

Step 1
Decide which program best fits you. The choices are EPIK, GEPIK and SMOE. Check out this article describing each teaching program. Then, fill out the application form with the cities/areas that you prefer and send it with your CV (Your photo must be on your resume) to Recruiter@eicohr.com

Step 2
First interview with the recruiters from Eico.Your available interview time and your Skype ID or other available number must be informed

Step 3
Eico will guide you on how to prepare all of the essential documents: documents required by the school and documents required for your E-2 visa.

Step 4
Gather the required documents while keeping in contact with Eico to ensure that you are ordering the correct documents. This process takes anywhere from 3 - 12 weeks depending on the country you are from.

Note: You should be ordering the documents about three months prior to arriving in Korea.

Step 5
Once you have secured all of the needed documents you will get a green flag to send all of the documents to our office in Korea.

#715 Hannam Building, 211 Itaewon-ro, Yongsangu, Seoul, Korea

Step 6
Eico will inform you position details and arrange an interview with a school that is a good match for you.

Step 7
Interview with the director of the school. Due to the difference in time zones, the interview might be late in the evening or early in the morning.

Step 8
If the school would like  to hire you, you will receive a contract (offer for the job). Sign the contract and send it to us. You can send it by airmail or scan the signed contract and email it to us at webmaster@eicohr.com.

Step 9
Eico will submit all of your documents to the Korea immigration office and/or the Korean Education Authority. We will recieve your visa issuance number in 4-10 days.

Step 10
Eico will inform your visa issuance number.

Step 11
You need to send your passport to the nearest Korean consulate or you can stop by with it to get visa stamp on it.

Passport, Application form for visa, contract copy with school, issuance number and $45.

It takes the consulates 2-3 on average to process and sned back to you once they receive it.

Step 12
Eico staff will advise you on which flight to buy. We will advise the day/time and airports. Once you have purchsed the ticket you will need to send us a copy of the itinerary.

Step 13
Someone from the Eico staff will pick you up at the airport and take you to either your house or your school. You will have a day to rest and recover from jetlag before any work is done. If you go from the airport direcrtly to your school (happens sometimes) you will be going to meet the staff there and get aquainted with the school.

Step 14
Have a mandatory medical examination at a hospital in order to get your ARC (Alien Registration Card). You need to make a reservation the day before. *Prepare 2 passport pictures, passport and 80,000-90,000KRW cash for the Medical Examination Fee

Step 15
Get your Alien Registration Card at the Korea Immigration office.

*You need this ARC to open your bank account and cell phone extra…. * It takes about 2 weeks to get it.