Documents for E-2 Visa

This is the basic work visa in Korea and the rules regarding required documents seem to change yearly. Also know that some of the materials you will be collecting take as long as 3 months, so prepare early before you come to Korea. Don't make the mistake of coming here first with the hope of finding work without all of your documents. It won't work. Most people find a position by contacting recruiters before they arrive. The recruiter will assist you in gathering your necessary documents. Then you will have to go to a Korean Embassy in your country to apply for the visa. It usually takes 2-3 days, so plan to go back 2-3 days later to pick up your passport with the visa. Here's a quick list of what you will need:

  • BA and MA Diploma (notarized copy only)

    • applicant must have 3~4 years BA qualification or above and applicants must provide notarized (Apostilled) copy of BA and MA diploma.


  • A clear copy of Passport (Photo page only)


  • Officially Sealed Academic Transcripts must be provided and applicant must provide MA or Doctorate transcript as well (if it is applicable).

    • We need two sealed trancrtipts because Korean immigration and school are requesting applicant's transcritps


  • Criminal Background Check (FBI or RCMP - National or Federal Level Only) 

  • Two passport size photos 

  • Copy of Contract 

    • Eico will provide you with a copy of your contract. You will need to make three copies of it. Every page must be signed and then sent to the Eico office (one is for your E2-visa run, one for the School and one for yourself)

    • Sample Contract - Page 1Sample Contract - Page 2Sample Contract - Page 3Sample Contract - Page 4Sample Contract - Page 5

  • Applicant's Health Statement

    • This is self health check . EICO will send it by email or you can download it on our website.