Documents needed to get the job

There are three common kinds of teaching jobs in Korea: Public Schools, Private School and Universities. We hire teachers for all of these teaching jobs.

To get started

Resume Example


Resume must be formal and appropriate. It should list schooling information and major, relevant experience, work history and other details. If you sign up and completing your profile, you will have a chance to upload your resume to us.

Application form

Academies do not have their own application forms. They (almost always) rely on recruiting agencies, like EICO, to gather the needed information about potential employees. By signing up and completing your profile, you will be giving us all the information we need to pass on to the school to land you a job.

Things you must gather for any job

Criminal Background Check - Start this first!

The criminal background check can take a few months from start to finish. It must be a nationwide check, no local or state checks are acceptable. It must be apostilled (except Canadians).

Find detailed information and instructions at

  • Time to complete: Americans 8-12 weeks, non-Americans 1-8 weeks

Apostilled copy of diploma

You will have to go to a notary with your original diploma and have them make a copy of it and notarize the copy. Once you have a notarized copy of your diploma, you will need to get it apostilled.

  • Time to complete: 1 week - 4 weeks

Two Official and Sealed Transcripts

You will need two sealed transcripts for every degree you have. The transcripts must remain sealed and are voided if they have been opened. One will be used for immigration/visa and one will be used by your school.

Since transcripts never expire and they are usually cheap (free - $10), it might be wise to get an extra third copy. To get transcripts, check your school's website or call them. Each school has its own system for providing transcripts.

  • Time to complete: 1 week - 4 weeks

Passport Sized Photos

Get a sheet of passport photos. You will need 3-4 during the entire process, but it never hurts to have some extras. The easiest way is to go to one of the self-photo booths that are common in malls. For $5-10 you can get a sheet of passport sized photos that will last you for a while. The size doesn't have to be exact, but should be something around 3x4 cm.

  • Time to complete: <1 day

Passport's Photo Page

You will have to scan in a the page of your passport showing your picture and basic information. This is required for your visa.

  • Time to complete: <1 day


Documents EICO will provide during the process


Sample Contract - Page 1

When you have accepted a job offer, EICO will send you the contract. You will need to print the document, sign it, scan it and email it back to us. In some cases, we will require you to mail the signed contract to our office in Seoul, South Korea.

Download the sample contract (.doc) or view it at

Self Health Check

This is a very basic self-health check sheet. When it is needed, we will email it to you. It then must be printed it out,  filled out and then sent back to us. This is for your visa and not for the school that is hiring you. 


Things you might need to gather

Proof of full-time teaching experience

Required for Public School jobs if you want to get a higher pay grade.

Applicant must provide an official letter from previous employer in order to prove your fill-time teaching experience. It must state that you were a "full-time employee" and the time period of employment.

Two Letters of Recommendation

Required for Public Schools, improve your chances with Private Schools

Professional recommendation letter (original hard copy only). Friends or close relatives can't issue this reference letter. Academic Professor or employer should issue this letter and letter must have letter head and contact information with signature on -This is not essential documents for Private Academy but it would better if you submit it

Self Introduction Video

Sometimes required for Public Schools, really improves chances of being hired by Private Schools

A 3-5 minute video introducing yourself and giving the school a winning impression will bring you a long way to getting hired.

A good sample self introduction video can be found at:

Sample Lesson Plans

Sometimes required for Public Schools, improves chances of being hired by Private Schools

Some sample lesson plans, or old lesson plans are a great way to prove to the schools looking at your information that you are a able and effective teacher. Lesson plans can be based on any subject or idea for students of any age, but lesson plans aimed at students aged between 9 to 13 years old are most ideal.

Teaching Certification or Language Certificate (TESOL or CELTA)

Required for Public School jobs if you want to get a higher pay grade. Some Public Schools require a language certificate to be hired. Really improves chances of being hired by a Private School.

Your certificate should be for 100 hours, otherwise it will not likely effect on your salary level. You may be required to have a notarized copy of the original made.


Once you are in Korea

Heath Check / Drug Test

Within your first week or two of being in Korea you will be required to take a health check. This health check will cover all of the basics like blood pressure, eyesight, medical condition and dental care. It varies from place to place, but always includes a blood and urine sample. The blood will be tested for HIV/AIDS and the urine will be tested for drugs (all non-prescription drugs). Testing positive for anything, even marijuana will be cause for deportation, even though marijuana is legal or "not a big deal" in many countries where teachers will be coming from. Please be aware of this drug test and plan accordingly. In most cases you have to pay the $50-100 fee.