Detailed Hiring Process

We work hard to help you through the complex process of paperwork involved with working in Korea and help to find you a school that is a perfect fit for you.

We have broken down and detailed the approx. 3 month process.






Step 1





The first step is sending your Resume and Photo

Eico Recruiter will contact you by email and guide you what to do for the next step. 

Step 2

Ordering Apostilled documents


Apostilled CBC

Apostilled Diploma

These official documents take 3-12 weeks to obtain it after ordered it so it has to be ordered at least 90days before your arrival Korea

It is vital to get an early start on your Criminal Background Check. This document has the longest wait time and there is little you can do to expidite the process.

Step 3

Sending the Applying package to Eico


Application form

Lesson plan

Self-introduce video

Reference letters(2)

Copy of passport

Self-Health check


Copy of passport
(Photo page only )

These are application package. Please fill out this application and send it us to

We attached some samples of each form just in case you don’t know how to complete the application package.  

  • Application for public school
    • In case you want to apply to private academy then no application form needs
  • Lesson plan
    • It could be any subject depends on your teaching idea and You can check Sample Lesson Plan at Eico site
  • Self-introduction video
    • You can check a sample link as example at Eico site
  • 2 letters of reference
  • Copy of your passport
    • Front page with your picture must be copied
  • Self-health check – *It is downloadable at Eico site

Step 4

Position information


Position details

Eico will apply your application package to the school you preferred and send you position details

  • Salary - 1,800USD-2,200USD
  • Housing - Provide a single studio type housing
  • Air ticket - Provide Round trip tickets
  • Vacation - 10days ~20days per year
  • Insurance - Provide 50% of it / around 130USD
  • Working hours - 9am ~5pm /5 or 6classes in a day
  • Special benefit - 1,800USD~2,200USD Severance Pay after complete the one year contract

If you like the position’s condition then we will arrange the interview  with director of the school

Step 5

Arrange interview


Spans of time you are available for an interview

Interview will be with director of the school through Skype or phone. After interview, the decision will be made if the school wants to hire you or not.

  • When the school likes to hire you then Eico can move to next step.
  • In case you fail for interview, Eico will offer you other available position.

Now we are arranging your interview time with the school.

You need to let us know your available time for interview and your contact # and Skype ID. If anytime is ok with you then the director of the school will call you for interview around __pm in your time.  I will let you know the key point to give the director good impression about yourself while interview below.

  1. Showing them you are an enthusiastic person with open mind.
  2. Answer to their questions in positive way even the questions are silly.
  3. Let them know you are a reliable and commitment person.
  4. You can ask them about School’s education system.

Step 6



Your Skype ID (preferred) or any contact number

The interviewer will call you on arranged time. Some tips for giving good impression while interview

  1. Be polite and friendly (of course)
  2. Show your enthusiasm for teaching/Korea/children
  3. Introduce yourself well emphasising specialties or unique abilitites
  4. Speak slowly and clearly. Listen carefully. Your interviewer may not be a native English speaker

Step 7

Succeed interview


Contract from the  School

Now You have passed interview. The school wants to hire you. Congratulations!!! :)
Eico will send you a copy of contract from the school in couple of days

Step 8

Signing the contract


Signed contract

Sign on the contract the school sent you. And then scan and send it back to Eico by email.

Step 9

Collecting your visa run documents



Apostilled CBC

Apostilled diploma

Self-health check

Passport Photos(3)

Copy of passport

(2 copies)

Make sure if you have all the essential documents for your visa run (E2-visa).

please keep photo copies of these documents by yourself before sending them to Eico office.

Step 10

Sending Your visa run documents


Visa run documents

Post Tracking Number

Your visa run documents on STEP9  must be sent to Eico office by FEDEX or any Express airmail

Address to FedEx the docs:


Suite 715 Hannam B/D

211 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu

Seoul, Republic of Korea

(Zipcode 140-893) Office Tel 82 2 587 9044

*Let Eico recruiter knows the date you sent documents or the Post Tracking Number.

Step 11

Your documents to Korean Immigration Office



Eico gets your documents now. Eico delivers your documents to the school and school will submit your documents to the Korea immigration office.

Need to wait for your visa issuance number. It will be noticed from Korean immigration within 7days after it submitted to Korean immigration office.

Step 12

Get informed your visa issuance number

D- 25~10

Visa issuance number

Your visa Issuance number will be informed From Eico. Now you get your visa issuance number.

Step 13

Getting visa


Visa issuance number


Visa application form

Copy of Contract

$45 Fee

You need to get E-2 visa(teaching visa) on your passport.

Go to Korean Consulate nearby and submit all documents for getting E2 visa. Or you can send these items to Korean consulate by mail when there is no Korean Consulate nearby you. It takes 2 or 3days to get visa stamp on your passport meantime you can search available flight to Korea.

*Visa application form is downloadable at Eico site.

Step 14

Booking Your Flight



Advice arrival date

Pick up info

Contact numbers of the school and Eico recruiter

Address of the school

Address of your house in Korea

Now you can contact to Eico recruiter and get advice the arrival time and price range. Then book a flight on the right date. Once booked, send your air-itinerary to Eico by email. Then we will arrange the pickup schedule for you.

At this point you should make a note of the following:

  • Contact numbers and address in Korea
  • Eico recruiter’s cell-phone number and office number
  • School’s number
  • School’s address
  • Your house address


Step 15

Arrival Incheon international Airport and pick up


Eico pick up staff will meet you at the airport.

Meet your Co-teacher at your house or school

Eico staff will wait for you at the gate in Incheon International airport at the agreed upon time. We will take you to your school or house. Welcome to Korea!

In case of a problem or emergency

  • International
    • Eico office Tel 82 2 587 9044
    • Recruitment manager Cell phone 82 10 9023 3955
  • From within Korea
    • Eico office Tel 02 587-9044
    • Recruitment manager Cell phone 010 9023 3955

Step 16

First day of Work


Say hello to everyone at your school

Co-teacher’s guidance at the school

Eico could be your helper always while you staying in Korea

Get to know the local living information

There are many people you will meet when you arrive at your school. It would be useful to know ‘hello’ in Korean (respectfully) –“An-young-ha-say-yo”

Your Co-teacher guides you about school, class, teaching plan, text books and your students.

You might be required to attend orientation (ran by Education Board or just in your school)

You'll get used to your area - things like public transportation, markets, stores, restaurants and hospitals etc. Your coworking are usually more than happy to help you with all of this information.

There are many useful English website for foreign people here. Eico site provides basic essential information for living in Korea.

Step 17

Medical Examination and Drug Screening


For having the Medical Examination


Passport photos(2)

80,000-90,000 KRW for the Medical Examination Fee
($70-80 USD)

You need to have a Medical Examination for your ARC (Alien Registration Card) to open your bank account, cell phone and for more. Your school requires the medical examination results.

  • You need to make an appointment the day before.
  • You can only have your Medical Examination at assigned hospitals. You can see the assigned Hospital List at Eico Website.
  • You cannot eat anything for 8 hours before the test
  • It takes 3-7days to get the results

Step 18

Getting Alien Registration Card



Passport photos(2)

Application Form

10,000KRW fee

The Medical Examination Result

Copy of School’s business license

You need to go to Korea Immigration Office within your jurisdiction.

Submit all the documents.

It takes about 2 weeks to receive your ARC.

Once you have your ARC, you can open your bank account and cell phone etc.

Step 19

Have a good time

D+365 and beyond


Now your new life as English teacher and Educator is start in Korea!!


Hiring Process Flow Chart

This basic flow chart goes through the same process as above.

Step 1
Decide which program best fits you. The choices are EPIK, GEPIK and SMOE. Check out this article describing each teaching program. Then, fill out the application form with the cities/areas that you prefer and send it with your CV (Your photo must be on your resume) to

Step 2
First interview with the recruiters from Eico.Your available interview time and your Skype ID or other available number must be informed

Step 3
Eico will guide you on how to prepare all of the essential documents: documents required by the school and documents required for your E-2 visa.

Step 4
Gather the required documents while keeping in contact with Eico to ensure that you are ordering the correct documents. This process takes anywhere from 3 - 12 weeks depending on the country you are from.

Note: You should be ordering the documents about three months prior to arriving in Korea.

Step 5
Once you have secured all of the needed documents you will get a green flag to send all of the documents to our office in Korea.

#715 Hannam Building, 211 Itaewon-ro, Yongsangu, Seoul, Korea

Step 6
Eico will inform you position details and arrange an interview with a school that is a good match for you.

Step 7
Interview with the director of the school. Due to the difference in time zones, the interview might be late in the evening or early in the morning.

Step 8
If the school would like  to hire you, you will receive a contract (offer for the job). Sign the contract and send it to us. You can send it by airmail or scan the signed contract and email it to us at

Step 9
Eico will submit all of your documents to the Korea immigration office and/or the Korean Education Authority. We will recieve your visa issuance number in 4-10 days.

Step 10
Eico will inform your visa issuance number.

Step 11
You need to send your passport to the nearest Korean consulate or you can stop by with it to get visa stamp on it.

Passport, Application form for visa, contract copy with school, issuance number and $45.

It takes the consulates 2-3 on average to process and sned back to you once they receive it.

Step 12
Eico staff will advise you on which flight to buy. We will advise the day/time and airports. Once you have purchsed the ticket you will need to send us a copy of the itinerary.

Step 13
Someone from the Eico staff will pick you up at the airport and take you to either your house or your school. You will have a day to rest and recover from jetlag before any work is done. If you go from the airport direcrtly to your school (happens sometimes) you will be going to meet the staff there and get aquainted with the school.

Step 14
Have a mandatory medical examination at a hospital in order to get your ARC (Alien Registration Card). You need to make a reservation the day before. *Prepare 2 passport pictures, passport and 80,000-90,000KRW cash for the Medical Examination Fee

Step 15
Get your Alien Registration Card at the Korea Immigration office.

*You need this ARC to open your bank account and cell phone extra…. * It takes about 2 weeks to get it.