Application Process for GEPIK

GEPIK - Gyeonggi English Program in Korea

Gyeonggi English Program in Korea (GEPIK) is initiated by Gyeonggi Education Board to provide quality English education to public schools by inviting applicants from English-speaking countries for English teaching jobs. Gyeonggi province has the fastest economic growth in South Korea with the number of teachers increasing day by day.

Positions are open for Government public schools. Apply now!

1. Arranging Job interview with School (GEPIK)

Eico Recruiter will recommend you to school after phone call for asking routine questions and answering your questions that you might want to know. In order to arrange a job interview, you need to provide below items to Eico Recruiter.

  1. Formal Resume and Cover Letter

  2. GEPIK application form (including personal essay and self medical check form)

  3. Available phone number and range of time that Eico Recruiter can call you.

2. Preparing required document for final acceptance

You need to send list of required document to Eico Office (recruiter) so school (GEPIK) can finalize your application. Once you are accepted by school (GEPIK) you will be able to apply your visa with NOA (Notice of Appointment) and final copy of contract.

* Your documents must be sent by express mail service such as FEDEX or DHL

3. Issuance of NOA and Final copies of contract.

GEPIK will issue NOA and two final copy of contract for your visa application and these documents will be sent to your home address by Express Mail.

* Home address on your application must be accurate and available. GEPIK does not re-issue these documents and your application will automatically be canceled if you lose these documents.

4. Applying E2 visa at nearest Korean consulate

You need to visit or send mail to a Korean Consulate nearby for applying E2 visa. And NOA and one copy of contract need to be submitted. You can keep another copy of contract but you must bring this copy when you come to South Korea. Please fill in E2 visa application form before you visit Korean consulate

*You should contact your nearest Korean consulate before you apply

5. Book your one way flight ticket

Book one way flight and send your full flight itinerary to your Eico representative. Your school (GEPIK) will reimburse you for your flight and you must bring official invoice (receipt) and e-ticket.

Please confirm your flight itinerary with your Eico representative before leaving to Korea.

*Please try to have a look at Living Guide book for GEPIK teachers

6. Applying Aliens Registration Card (Medical Examination)

Once you arrive at the INCHEON airport, Eico pick up staff will pick you up and send you to school or housing. Your co-teacher or school's staff will be waiting at your school or house and you will be able to speak your recruiter as soon as you meet Eico's pick up staff. Medical Examination (including TBPE and HIV test) need to be done on next of your arrival and applicant must pay for this medical examination.

7. First day of School

Your employment starts from first day of school and you may need to show your employment contract as well as "Residency certificate" for your free income tax. Government public school teacher can have first two years of income tax exemption according to Double Taxation Agreement.

*Income Tax Exemption does not apply to Canadian and Irish citizens

Gyeonggi English Program in Korea (GEPIK) is a prestigious program of Gyeonggi Education Board, under which we assist you in finding suitable English teaching jobs in Korea.