Benefits of Working in Korea

Korea is one of safest countries in the world and Korean government hire ESL teachers every years . If you are qualified ESL teachers you may have many good opportunity here as ESL teachers .  Once you decide to come to Korea then your return air-tickets and housing will be prepared by your employee . Here is regular benefits from working in Korea.

  • Base salary + severance pay
  • Single room.
  • Medical Insurance
  • Air-tickets
  • Bonus
  • 10days~20days vacation per year
  • (photos of  koprea ,school , night life, and house )

Getting Started

Once you make your mind to come to Korea then everything will be guide by Eico .

Eico will take care of you from A to Z for your  Journey to Korea. Just follow eico’s guide but you have to do some documents job by yourself according to eico’s guide .

Here is all the process

Now! Let’s start first  step by  complete the application on this website and sending your CV to Eico .

Wait ! …Please considering more seriously or take your time to think if you really want to come to korea and get a teaching job here . Also check it out if you are qualified person for ESL  job here. We have quiz for your qualification for ESL teacher on this website. Test yourself . 


Eico only wants to help serious teachers who want to get a ESL job in Korea and take full responsibility for you to settle down here with your certain job.  Eico works for Korean government English program  which mean is Eico is recognized by government as a qualified recruitment company . Eico also want to be your friend after you settle down in korean and Eico done it’s responsibilities for you.  Eico often organizes Korean cultural experience program  for foreign people and provide tour program  in which you meet many new friends from english speaking countries. Eico ‘s number one philosophy is humanism . We understand deeply how it could be challenge  for you to start different life in different country .

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How to Begin

Here is first step for start . It will be started by fill up the application and send us your CV with clear photo.

  1. Register for an account
  2. Fill out your EICO resume
    1. Upload you picture
    2. Fill out information about you, the job you want and your history
    3. Upload a copy of your resume
  3. We will contact you to set up an interview with a school
  4. Get hired!